Who is Forex Shark

Forex Shark is the developer of DRIP, Animal Farm, DRIP Garden, the Piggy Bank as well as R34P and bR34P. Forex has been a full time trader/investor for over a decade. He's been in crypto since 2012, having bought bitcoin for the first time at $14. About 6 years ago he started advising large development teams and handling their presale raises. The identify of Forex is currently unknown, although it is thought that he has been doxed by RugDoc. What we do know is that Forex Shark is a North American (from USA or Canada) male.

Is it sustainable

DRIP is a deflationary token meaning that there is always less of it. Originally 1,000,000 DRIP where created. When DRIP is deposited into the faucet it is burnt. This means that it is not in circulation any more. This total DRIP amount is thus decreasing which in time will push the price up further as demand grows. The DRIP contract is also kept sustainable by charging 10% on deposits and withdrawals, while there is only a 5% tax on compounding earnings. This is paid into the DRIP vault to pay this 1% daily interest. The tax fund is very healthy, but if for some reason, there weren’t enough DRIP tokens available to payout the contract will mint more.

Is DRIP a Ponzi

It’s not a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme pays the first people to ‘invest’ with the funds from people who ‘invest’ later, while pretending to be a profitable business.The DRIP Faucet is a Smart Contact that does what it’s been programmed to do, which is to lock your deposit and pay out at 1% per day up to 365% of your deposit. The smart contract will always do that. The price of DRIP is based on supply and demand, just like any other product or service out there.

Is DRIP a Pyramid

DRIP is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is an illegal investment scam based on a hierarchical setup that pays members higher up in the structure with funds from new members. a Pyramid scheme is similar to a Ponzi scheme. DRIP isn't a Ponzi or Pyramid because there is no requriement for new capital to come into the conctract in order to pay existing members. The smart contract will always pay out DRIP tokens at 1% per day, the price is dictated by supply and demand, just like any other cryptocurrency.

Is DRIP High Risk?


Can I withdraw my initial deposit?

Your initial deposit is burnt therefore you have no access to it. You will earn a 1% per day up to 365% of your deposit amount.

How much can I withdraw?

You can withdraw a maximum of 1% of your deposits total every 24 hours.

Is Drip Multi-Level Marketing

The short answer is that No, Drip is NOT MLM, although there is an optional referral aspect if you choose to go down that path.The core of the DRIP network will always work to payout at 1% per day on your deposits, for 365 days. This works regardless of whether you refer anybody else to the Drip network or not. You DO need a buddy code to join the Drip community. The way MLM often works is that you usually need to be buying and selling a certain amount of the ‘product’ per month in order to maintain commission payments and membership levels, with much of the profits going to your upline. The cost of the products also have these commissions built into the price and may not make them any cheaper than a standard product that pays for advertising. It’s similar to clicking an affiliate code for a product on an online shop. The cost of the product is the same, but a small amount of commission goes to the person who referred you to the product.

Do I have to introduce others

There is no requirement in DRIP to introduce anyone else. The smart contract will pay out at 1% per day for 365% automatically. However, you can choose to introduce people if you wish to. This will accelerate your progress in building up your deposit amount because you will receive a small referral reward when people you refer take actions in the Drip Faucet. If you choose to build a team make sure that you have sufficient bR34P tokens held in the same wallet as is connected to your Faucet account.

How do I get my money out of DRIP

You will receive your 1% daily until you’ve reached your 365 payouts. You can choose to withdraw the DRIP in your ‘Available’ balance to your wallet. Or you can go to the Swap page and exchange for BNB, which you can then withdraw to your wallet. From your wallet, you can do as you please, such as sell for Fiat, stake for interest or reinvest into other Crypto. You can also ‘hydrate’ to compound your interest payments, growing your investment over time.

How long does it take to make money with DRIP

Well, that depends on how much you put in initially, how often you hydrate vs withdrawing funds, and whether you want to build a team and introduce family and friends or if you’d rather go solo.

Where do the interest payments come from

There are a series of 10% taxes on depositing and claiming DRIP, while compounding/hydrating DRIP only has a 5% tax. This tax goes into the Tax Vault ready for paying out our interest. Over 85% is currently being held in the Tax Vault, with another 8.5% being held in the Swap contract (for us to buy more DRIP from). 85% is a pretty good reserve. How much does your bank have in reserve if there is a run on currency? (Hint: a well-capitalised bank holds at least 5% capital in reserve and it’s considered good if a US bank is holding 6.4%!)

How often should I Hydrate (compound) my Drip ?

This depends on the amount of Drip you have in your deposit and how much you want to spend on the transaction fees. Daily compounding will grow your deposit the fastest, where you will be making interest on your interest every day. However, the transaction fees do mount up. This is fine if your deposit is substantial and perhaps you claim and sell Drip every so often to allow for the cost of these fees. For smaller deposits, you may want to wait until a significant amount of Drip has built up in order to minimize these fees. Then spend the saved money on Drip instead of transaction fees!

Is DRIP a Rugpull

You are essentially locking your deposit into the DRIP Faucet, and getting it back at 1% per day for 365 days/365%.It’s not possible to rug-pull because liquidity is locked and paid back at 1% per day.

Is it like BitConnect

The only similarity between DRIP and BitConnect is the 1% daily interest payment. BitConnect was a Ponzi scheme. DRIP is not. DRIP operates via a Smart Contact on the Binance Smart Chain. DRIP is not a company and isn’t controlled by anyone. The Faucet contact operates the way it has been designed to operate. BitConnect was tied to the price of Bitcoin. The DRIP network has several native tokens and increasing use cases and partnerships in the real world.