The Garden was launched on December16, 2021 as another use case for DRIP, and proves to this day that Forex Shark is a solid and reputable developer in the DeFi Space. The DRIP/BUSD LP Garden Game produces 3% daily (1095% APR), according to the current mining efficiency rate. The harvest efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other investors buy PLANTS, harvest SEEDS and compound earnings.

The objective of the garden is to plant SEEDS, sooner and more often than other investors. This in turn earns you more SEEDS to harvest faster. Buying more PLANTS using your daily SEEDS harvest (DRIP/BUSD LP) will 3x your SEEDS within 30 days or less.

DRIP/BUSD lp tokens can be acquired with no tax by using the DRIP Liberation contract on The Animal. Farm platform.

Drip Network/Protocol


What is it and how do we succeed?


An in-depth look into the garden would be appreciated through the many videos that the community has put together over the months on YouTube, and the purpose of this site is to give you a quick and dirty look at how some of the basic elements function.

First thing’s first, let’s assume you’ve already bought some LP and are planting into your garden. The first figure is simply how many plants you were able to buy. When heading over to the drip liberation contract, you are injecting your BUSD (Binance pegged USD) into the liberation contract as a tax freeway of creating a DRIP/BUSD LP. Once this is done, you are purchasing plants at the price seen in the picture on the left hand side. Each plant is 2,592,000 seeds, and each of those plants is worth a little over $0.002. We will cover plant price a little later. Once you have purchased the plants with your DRIP/BUSD LP, you plant them into the garden contract, thereby showing you the “Plants grown” section. Your seeds available are simply your seeds that you have at this very moment. Each plant produces, 84,000 seeds, but to generate one plant at any given moment, you need 2,592,000 seeds. Which takes us to the “Seeds per day” line. This is how many seeds per day your garden generates. So in the example seen, plants grown is 11,532,308. Each plant produces 84,000 seeds, and each of those seeds in total is divided by 2,592,000 to give you how many plants you make in one day.

Once you have made those plants, you then are taken to the Available seed value… notice how it says available seed value and not plant value. These are two different things… here’s why…

The graph you see is showing the buying power over time and balance compared to other games such as Shrimp Farmer and "Miners". Existing games give insiders over 100,000% more buying power than players who get in after launch, allowing them to drain the contract and disincentives new capital from coming in. As you can see, the DRIP Garden increases buying power over time and as the balance of the contract grows ensuring that you will always get a fair rate. There is still a benefit to getting in early because the earlier your plants get in the ground the larger you can grow your garden and out perform the competition.

The time multiplier is designed to attract new waves capital after we have reached saturation and the contract growth has slowed due to the buying power of new capital creeping up by 0.1% non compounding every day. This means there will always be a time in the future where it makes sense for fresh capital to come in and kick start a new wave gardeners!

So in essence, the price of plants will always decrease 0.1% per day, with rare exceptions that have occurred in which the price of plants have gone up….This is a good thing not a bad thing!....

Back to the Mechanics…..

The seed value is displayed to you with respect to the price of an LP. The drip overview garden scheduler site seen above shows you the price of 1 LP. Since you buy your seeds with the market price of an LP AND plant price, you sell your seeds with the market price of an LP ONLY, remember that…. Seed price is not relevant to selling…. You simply are using your $20 in your wallet → Buying you a DRIP/BUSD LP → Buying you plants based on plant price.

Fertilizer Bonus Section….

Fertilizer Bonus section is vastly overly complicated and confusing….Simply put…think time + balance = total. You divide the total by 100 to get your interest rate. So it’s not quite 3% a day to start out with, but the longer you’re in and the more you compound you’re rewarded with a higher time multiplier about .01%, or more, a day depending if you harvest or not. This gives early adopters an advantage and the potential to eventually make more than 3%. On the flip side, if you were to sell your seed every day instead compounding, then your multiplier will drop and so will your returns

The Drip Garden heavily encourages compounding your daily seed gains into accumulating more plants, which makes yet more seed. The game theory here is to get as many plants as possible which in time will provide you with some seriously nice daily passive income!

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If you like what you see and found this to be helpful in any way shape or form, please be sure to sub to my channel and use the referral below for either the animal farm for the garden or joining my drip faucet! I will be updating this content as we go and adding more to it!


Be sure to reach out to me via Telegram at @gotmygat, or on Discord at gotmygat#5938. You are also free to find me on YouTube (link above also) at Fenix Defi. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the information sheet!


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