Referral Rewards

Referral rewards are triggered whenever someone deposits or hydrates.  The first one goes to the buddy.  Then they continue up the upline until reaching the dev wallet or going 15 levels up, whichever happens first.

Referral bonuses are 5 to 10% of the after-tax deposit.  Here are two examples:

  • Player deposits 10 DRIP. After-tax deposit is 9 DRIP. Referral bonus is 10% of that, so 0.9 DRIP.
  • Player hydrates 1 DRIP.  After-tax deposit is 0.95DRIP.  Referral bonus is 5% of that, so 0.0475 DRIP.

Referral bonuses go to the upline, taking turns level by level.  If the upline wallet is unqualified (insufficient BR34P or negative NDV) then the system skips that wallet and keeps going up the upline looking for a qualified wallet.  The maximum upline is 15 levels above the wallet that deposited/hydrated.

In order to receive referral rewards you must hold BR34P tokens in your wallet.  If you don't have a downline you don't need BR34P.

You also need to have a positive NDV.  It's not quite as simple as looking at your claimed and deposit values.... But, you can see yours on the Faucet page Player Lookup.

NDV = Deposits + Airdrops (sent & received) + Hydrates - Claims

You will not receive rewards whilst your NDV is negative. But they start up again if that reverses. So just deposit more and claim less to return to positive NDV.

If you have a downline you WILL receive RR bonuses when anyone on your downline deposits or hydrates, and it's your turn.  You do NOT have to have a team wallet (5 or more directs).  The only thing that changes when you have a team wallet is you automatically give 1/4 of the RR bonus back to the player who deposited or hydrated.  For deposits you get 7.5%, they get 2.5%, of the after-tax deposit. For hydrates you get 3.75%, they get 1.25% of the after-tax hydrate.

- Brandon AKA DRIP Guide

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