The Principal

Forex Shark

“I (Forex_Shark) am the primary developer of DRIP, I am also the lead dev behind R34P and bR34P which are two projects that have been extremely successful with bR34P doing over 40x in the first month and R34P doing 870x from listing price in the first month.

“I’ve been working as a full time trader/investor for over a decade. I’ve been in crypto since 2012, bought bitcoin for the first time at $14. About 6 years ago I started advising large development teams and handling their presale raises. I’ve raised and handled tens of millions of dollars worth of allocations for various projects over the years as I built up my community. Last year I released my first token R34P which was an extreme success and since then I’ve been building and adding to my existing ecosystem.”

-  Forex Shark, Medium Apr 25, 2021